In today's digital business ecosystem where customers call the shots, organizations have to scramble through every data input available to acquire and retain customers. The advent of low cost storage and digital convergence have drastically impacted the way data and analytics are used by businesses. The role played by data sciences in solving business problems is fast gaining momentum and helping business improve efficiencies, business growth and move into newer territories. Our team of experts can help you in analytics discovery, roadmap definition, and transition into a data-driven organization through advanced data visualization and recommendation engines powered by BigData and Machine Learning.

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Business leaders are investing in next generation digital technologies to their strategic advantage, optimizing business operations and driving new products and services. We have more than a decade of experience in working with Fortune 500 companies, small and mid-sized enterprises in digital transformations focused on revenue optimization, cost reduction, process enhancements, while ensuring business continuity for our clients. Our consultants possess a deep expertise in BFSI, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Retail, Logistics, and other domains. SFJ is a partner of Automation Anywhere, Microsoft and is a trusted partner in defining your IT strategy and achieving your business goals.

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With more than 25 billion connected devices all over the world, we are at the cusp of a digital revolution, and reimagining new ways of work is an integral part of this shift. The big question many organizations face is how to harness this proliferation of mobiles to effectively engage with a smarter workforce. We can help you define an overall Mobility strategy, identify and evaluate processes that can be mobilized with enhanced business impact, and adopting the right solution architecture and choice of platforms, technologies that can cater to the identified needs while ensuring data security, scalability and usability.

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In this age of technology disruption, organizations are constantly riddled with the challenge of wheels on-the-go to remain competitive. This requires a clear vision and strategy for agility and scale. SFJ has an exceptional track record in managed IT services, and a customer retention ratio of over 90% over the past decade is a testimony to the disproportionate value we added to our customers businesses. We offer application development, maintenance and support services to help stabilize and scale your business operations. Through our just-in-time and cost-effective sourcing, skilling, staffing strategies, we have helped several organizations achieve their objectives with minimal disruptions to ongoing business operations.

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The digital services eco-system as we know it is undergoing a paradigm shift. New stacks and standards are emerging faster than ever, and every organization with a digital footprint is under serious pressure to quickly build and maintain a future-ready workforce. It is no secret that even large corporations with immense resources at their disposal are struggling to cope with this challenge. Empowering workforce on the go requires deep expertise that can be brought within the time and cost allocated. Our knowledge services ecosystem is constantly connected/updated with experts who can deliver online/offline trainings on several in-demand technology skills for your project teams and campus recruits.

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